Key Services

We specialise in providing feasibility, research, business delegation, marketing, localisation, and accounting services to help organisations translate their conceptual ideas into reality.

NBFC Licensing

NBFC licensing entails submitting required documents, meeting compliance criteria, and adhering to regulatory guidelines to obtain authorization for non-banking financial activities.

Investment Finance Services

IFS provides tailored investment solutions, financial advice, and strategic planning to optimize wealth management, ensuring clients meet their financial goals effectively and efficiently.

Micro Financing

Micro-financing provides small loans and financial services to underserved communities, helping them improve their quality of life and create sustainable livelihoods.


Reducing the value of something. It involves devaluing or disregarding certain elements due to various factors or biases.

Asset Management

Optimizing returns while minimizing risks of various investments, tailored to individual or institutional objectives.

REIT Leasing

Renting out properties owned by Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to tenants in exchange for regular rental income.

Venture Capital Housing

Pertains to investments made by venture capital firms into startups and emerging companies within the housing sector.

Finance & Accounts

Managing financial resources, tracking transactions, preparing reports, and analyzing data to support decision-making and ensure financial health.

Financial Reporting

Preparation and presentation of financial information to stakeholders, facilitating decision-making and ensuring transparency and accountability.

Internal Auditing

Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes within an organization, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Joint Venturing

Collaborating between two or more entities to pursue a specific project or business opportunity, sharing resources, risks, and rewards.

Due Diligence

Entails a thorough investigation and analysis of a company or investment opportunity to assess its viability, risks, and compliance.

Business Transformation

Implementing strategic changes across an organization to improve performance, efficiency, and adaptability to evolving market conditions.

Business Acquisition

Purchasing another company, typically to gain access to its assets, customers, technology, or market share, facilitating growth or diversification.

Portal & App Development

Designing and building digital platforms and applications to streamline processes, enhance user experiences, and deliver specific functionalities.

Customize ERP Solution

Tailoring software to meet specific business needs, optimizing workflows, integrating modules, and enhancing functionality for efficiency.

Cloud Management

Overseeing the deployment, monitoring, optimization, and security of cloud-based services and resources to ensure reliability and performance.