Combine Holding

Exporter of Plastic Recycling Machineries & Recycled Granules

Based on state of art technology currently used in the developed countries


You Can Find All Kinds of Plastic Extrusion Machinery Here

Established in 2012 in Karachi’s Export Processing Zone, our team of professionals brings over a decade of experience in manufacturing plastic extrusion machinery. We are renowned for our reliability and expertise in plastic recycling machinery, including the production of export-grade plastic granules.

During the initial year of EPZ operations, our primary focus was on the construction of the factory building. Simultaneously, we initiated the installation of a recycling plant and advanced machinery. Our tailored solutions have significantly improved performance, productivity, and cost efficiency. Notably, our exports from KEPZ have grown to cover over 11 countries, including China, Japan, Europe, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, South Africa, and Vietnam.

Our Products

Mother Baby Palletizing Line
Extrusion Pelletizer Unit